Haney and Hunter Win Decisively

By: Oliver McManus

You’d imagine young Devin Haney has been watching compilations of Deontay Wilder in the last week as the 20 year old produced a highlight reel knockout, reminiscent of the Bronze Bomber, to stop Antonio Moran in the seventh round last night.

Floyd Mayweather’s protege was in his first fight under the DAZN banner and looked eager to make a statement as soon as the first bell rung. In previous contests there was an air of predictability to Haney with him happy to pick off rounds by doing the same thing, effectively, and keeping the contest permanently out of his opponent’s grasp: this fight was a punch perfect display of brutality.

May 25, 2019; Oxon Hill, MD; Devin Haney and Antonio Moran during their bout at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

You could probably make a case for Moran starting off the livelier of fighters with the Mexcian looking to box on the front foot but an overhand right from Haney foreshadowed what was to be Moran’s downfall. Haney’s challenger was anything but a ‘typical Mexican’ and appeared a little subdued in his attempts to provide pressure of his own – nothing like the gusto of South America that we know and love.

The champion, defending his WBC International and WBO Inter-Continental belt, was always on top of proceedings be it through a jab that continually peppered the midriff of Moran or as a result of his crisp footwork that took him out of range of his opponent’s swinging limbs. The jab always seemed to be hiding something. It was never a throwaway shot intended to see him through on the scorecards but always with spiteful intentions to set up a fight-finishing attack.

Haney provided good variety to his shots, as well, as he dropped Moran to the floor with a perfectly timed body shot that sapped any remaining will away from the Mexican. For the rest of the fifth round you could feel blood in the water and Haney went after it with a swift salvo of uppercuts interspersed with slamming hooks back to the body. A quieter sixth followed but the seventh round showed why Haney opted to sit on the backburner with a creepily calculated finish to the fight duly following.

An innocent one-two backed Moran up onto the ropes and Haney needed just two shots to finish it from there; a wicked body punch to draw his adversary’s guard down and provide the opening for as clean an overhand right you’ve ever seen from a man born outside of Alabama. Sheer strength akin to Deontay Wilder mixed with the precision and timing of someone like Darcey Bussell – balletic brutality from Devin Haney as he moves to 22-0.

Michael Hunter continued his sudden surge up the heavyweight rankings with an underrated stoppage of Fabio Maldonado. His Brazilian opponent looked as dreich and dour as he has done in any previous step-up with the former UFC fighter holding his guard nervously around the upper chest. Hunter was quick to settle into a rhythm and was teeing off on the face of Maldonado instantly; particularly pleasing was the straight left hand that Hunter would send bolting upwards, colliding smack on the nose of Maldonado time after time, having planted his front foot firmly in the canvas.

The contest never looked like it would last the scheduled ten rounds with Maldonado wobbled easily by the power of Hunter – a lovely one-two straight down the gulley marked the start of the finish as the Brazilian stumbled towards the ropes. Heavy artillery followed as The Bounty Hunter chased his loot with wild swinging shots. His disheveled opponent cut an apathetic look and the referee called a halt to the contest in the second round. Stating the obvious but you can tell Hunter used to be a cruiserweight, the way he dances around the ring with such flight of fancy, but he’s got the heavyweight power to cause serious issues.

It was an even shorter night of work for Filip Hrgovic who required less than a round to dispose of Gregory Corbin. The face of Croatian boxing looked to be searching from the off and he lept in with his jab at every possible opportunity, trying to close the distance in sudden bursts. Corbin, himself, was opting for a similar strategy but he had the odd tendency to dip his about six inches lower when looking to land speculative overhand rights. Hrgovic capitalised on that routine with a succinct step backwards followed a sharp, digging right hand to the cheek of Corbin that saw the American sprawled on the his back. There isn’t really much you can learn from that sort of fight except to say the tactical awareness of Hrgovic was spot on and the execution to back that up was scintillating.

The headline grabber has to be Devin Haney, however, with a performance that, really, showed us exactly why he is so highly touted. A contender for knockout of the year, to boot, and The Dream finds himself firmly on track for achieving just that. We might have to rename the ‘Wilder Windmill’ whilst if Haney can help it – ‘Haney’s Hammer” has an awfully nice ring to it…

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Devin Haney scores vicious seventh-round KO of Antonio Moran

Devin Haney delivered a sensational seventh-round knockout of Antonio Moran on Saturday night in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

“There were rumors I didn’t have punching power,” said Haney after the win. “But as you can see I can [punch].”

After signing with DAZN and linking up Devin Haney Promotions with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing, who co-promoted the card from the MGM National Harbor, Haney’s debut on the new platform was perhaps his best performance to date.

“That was like an artist painting a beautiful picture then signing his name at the end,” explained Hearn on the DAZN stream. “America has a superstar on their hands – he’s 20 years old!”

Haney (22-0, 14 KOs) hurt Moran with a body shot before connecting on an overhand right hand to the chin that caused the show-stopping finish. Moran (24-4, 17 KOs), who had never been stopped before, folded to the canvas in an instant after the punch landed and he remained there on his back for awhile as he was monitored by a ringside doctor, which tempered Haney’s celebration. Referee Kenny Chevalier didn’t bother to give him a count, resulting in a KO.

“One thing my Dad always told me is when you get a fighter hurt, go to the body,” said Haney about the knockout. “So I did, then I went over the top.”

Fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada under his father’s tutelage, Haney was stellar before closing the show. The hand speed and nimble footwork made it tough for Moran to keep up out of the gate and in the first two rounds a straight right hand and lead left hook kept him honest on separate occasions. Starting in the third, the Mexico City native attacked the body in order to slow Haney down, but counterpunching ability of The Ring’s No. 6-rated lightweight slowly broke Moran down.

By the fourth round, Moran’s nose was bloodied and in the fifth round he suffered the bad luck of getting a knockdown ruled after his feet tangled with Haney’s in the same instant of taking a body shot. Haney’s shoulder roll defense was also on point as he got into an untouchable groove, and it prefaced the perfect finish any fighter yearns for.

“I just want to beat whoever they put in front of me,” proclaimed Haney.

DAZN undercard

It took less than a minute for Croatian heavyweight Filip Hrgovic to win his United States debut after dropping and stopping Gregory Corbin in the first round. The contest was scheduled for ten.

“It wasn’t enough time to show,” Hrgovic said in broken English in response to if we saw his best on this night.

Hrgovic (8-0, 6 KOs) flattened Corbin to the canvas with a chopping right hand – seemingly the first clean punch landed in the fight. The shot caught the side of Corbin’s head as he tried to make it physical on the inside, and he laid on the canvas as if he’d been kayoed. Corbin (15-2, 9 KOs) got up just before Brent Bovell’s count got to ten, but the referee didn’t like how the 38-year-old looked after struggling to stay upright, thus waving it off sixty seconds in. It was the first time Corbin had been stopped.

Hrgovic, 26, may not have been able show more in is U.S. debut, however, there is already intrigue from the hulking six-foot six-inch heavyweight from Zagreb, who’s already faced ample competition in his first eight fights.

American heavyweight contender Michael “The Bounty” Hunter dominated Fabio Maldonado for the extent of two rounds to earn a second round TKO victory. Scheduled for ten, the contest was sanctioned by the WBA for a minor belt.

“We’re all 200 pounds and eventually they’re gonna break because I have more heart,” explained Hunter after the win.

After starting his career patiently to become a solid cruiserweight contender, Hunter (16-1, 11 KOs) extended his KO-streak to four in his heavyweight campaign and has looked impressive in the process. Hunter, 30, hurt his Brazilian foe with a right hand in the opening minute of the fight, and proceeded to chop him down with a wide array of hooks and body shots.

Maldonado (26-3, 25 KOs) came into the fight game having never been knocked down let alone stopped, but a right hand in the second round started his unraveling. The 39-year-old stumbled into the ropes to get a standing eight-count issued from referee Harvey Dock, and soon enough he fell to his belly for a knockdown after Hunter followed-up. Hunter proceeded to keep landing clean shots to force Dock to wave the fight off at the 1:45 mark of the second just as Maldonado was rocked again to the mat.

Remarkably, CompuBox’s final punch totals favored Hunter 27-0.

“Please, I would love to,” Hunter replied on the prospect of fighting Anthony Joshua next week should Andy Ruiz bow out. The heavyweight contender holds a WBA heavyweight trinket, which could get him that fight with patience and continued success.

“Anytime, any mandatory — I’m here to stay.”


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Jessica McCaskill outpoints Anahi Sanchez in thriller to unify women’s junior welter belts

In a sure candidate for female fight of the year in 2019, Jessica McCaskill became the unified WBC/WBA junior welterweight champion with a unanimous decision (99-91, 98-92, 96-94) nod over Anahi Sanchez.

“It was for sure non-stop,” said McCaskill. “Great accuracy from her — lots of power.”

McCaskill, Chicago, Illinois, sought an all-out war from the start of the opening round. The 34-year-old bit down and lunged forward with hooks to try and catch the Mexican off-guard but Sanchez was calm off the back foot and didn’t panic when a right hand bopped her on the chin to start the second round. On the final second of the same round, Sanchez returned the favor with a right of her own to stun McCaskill to her corner. That moment was a turning point for Sanchez, of Pergamino, Argentina, as she started to take control through the middle rounds and hand McCaskill the war she was looking for.

Sanchez (19-4, 11 KOs) had a one-two that would not only start to ward off McCaskill but become an offensive weapon. Seemingly every time McCaskill landed a clean shot in the middle rounds, Sanchez would follow it up better with a couple of her own. McCaskill became too aggressive for her own good against the sharp counterpuncher and Sanchez also started to switch stances in order to throw in different dynamic against McCaskill’s straight-forward style.

The momentum wouldn’t stay with Sanchez by the end, however, and in the last two rounds McCaskill showed great conditioning to overwhelm a heavy-breathing Sanchez.

They were rounds McCaskill seemingly needed in order to capture victory in what was a very close fight action fight. Both had their moments and their stretches of dominance, but there was no doubting the fight was close but there was certainly no question the fight was great.

“I got no love from the judges or the referee,” Sanchez said after the loss.

“I thought the scorecards were a little drastic,” admitted McCaskill.

Daniyar Yeleussinov remained unbeaten after receiving a unanimous decision win over Luis Norambuena after six rounds but the 2016 Gold Medalist wasn’t particularly thrilled.

“I win today but I prefer to win by knockout,” Yelesussinov explained after the victory. “We expected a little bit different fight. This guy was a little uncomfortable.

“I think I need to work on my timing more.”

Still adjusting out of his amateur style, Yeleussinov (7-0, 3 KOs) wasn’t afraid to get on the inside and trade but his Chilean opponent was well-suited for that kind of fight. Norambuena, who took the fight on two day’s notice, was forced backward by an uppercut to the body in the opening minute, but his counterpunching kept him afloat.

Yeleussinov, 28, wasn’t getting hurt by the counters but the clean shots took him out of rhythm often and it spurred confidence in the late replacement. Norambuena (3-2-1) was also taking the shots well but much of that had to do with Yeleussinov unable to land a crisp power shot, thus resulting in a disappointed post-fight interview.

In the opening bout of the DAZN undercard, Lorenzo Simpson looked impressive in his first-round stoppage win over Rafael Garcia. The super middleweight bout was scheduled for four rounds.

Simpson, a 19-year-old prospect from nearby Baltimore, thrilled his hometown crowd with a rally of uppercuts that left Garcia hurt on his feet and too bewildered to throw back. Referee Harvey Dock stepped in to stop the fight at the 1:19 into the contest, just as a final blow rocked Garcia backward before the ropes kept him upright. Garcia (9-3, 6 KOs) had never been stopped before.

Simpson (4-0, 3 KOs) may have rated his performance a C in the post-fight interview, but it was a near-perfect outing even though he didn’t get the knockdown he yearned for. Garcia had never been dropped before as well, and while that still stands technically, Simpson outclassed him with hand speed and footwork alone.

Leading up to the TKO, Simpson started by fighting off the back foot but eventually walked Garcia down and broke him down with body shots. With Garcia behind his high guard, Simpson was able to let his quick hands go and the accuracy made it all that much harder to keep up with.

“Thank you to everyone,” said Simpson after his self-evaluation. “Please follow and support me.”

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Michael Hunter (16-1, 11 KOs) of Las Vegas will look to extend his unbeaten streak at Heavyweight when he faces off against Brazil’s Fabio Maldonado (26-2, 25 KOs) in a scheduled 10-round affair.

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